"Lebanese direct growing anger at US"

Ever since the Bush administration came to office, the world has become increasingly opposed to US activities globally. This article from the Christian Science Monitor is a stark example of how some people around the world hold the US in very low esteem. Indeed, some wish death to the USA. Why do they wish death to the USA?

Maybe it is because the USA is responsible for the deaths of loved ones.

Check out this article for more.
While the US worked on a cease-fire agreement, Israeli warships fired on southern Beirut.

By Scott Peterson
| Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
BEIRUT, LEBANON – With his arm raised and fist clenched, Sheikh Hussein furiously expressed a sentiment rapidly taking hold here.

"We know who our first enemy is: America," he shouted before tearful mourners at a funeral Wednesday for 30 civilians killed by an Israeli airstrike on Monday. The white-turbaned sheikh led the crowd in a militant chant: "Death to America! Death to America!"

link: http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/0810/p01s03-wome.html

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