How To Stop Bush from Destroying the USA

This is more of a question really. Because I don't have an answer. I don't think that there is any one answer that is sufficient to the task. I think the answer is partly in talking, in voting, in grassroots political organizing, amongst other actions, direct and indirect.

First and foremost there is the information gap that plagues us so horribly. The great and overwhelming majority are not receiving a fair, truthful or accurate accounting of current events. Domestic attention to the Iraq catastrophe is truly dismal. We are not getting even 20% of the whole picture of how bad the situation is on the ground in Iraq. Innocent civilians are dying at a truly horrific rate. The masters of horror in the White House certainly have "Mission Accomplished" writ large across their blood and money soaked brows.

Now is the time for us as citizens of the USA to stand up and reject the white house rhetoric. No more violence in my name. How about yours?

Back to the topic at hand. I think that talk is one way to save the USA. We must start talking, to ourselves, to each other, to everyone. The voice of dissent must rise and loom large like a storm cloud over the minions of war in D.C. No more killing in my name!

That's the mission. Start talking about it.

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