"A Statue to Reason"

Ken Silverstein shares an interview with AbuKhalil, who is a professor of political science as well as a blogger. (Angry Arab News Service) AbuKhalil discusses some of his positions on the situation in the Middle East, specifically regarding Israel and Palestine. This from Harper's.org:

His views, he said, are also incompatible with those espoused by Hamas. “I'm neither a fan of Hamas's ideology nor of its practices,” he told me. “I don't believe it has credible solutions or an ideology that can unite Palestinians in a national struggle to regain their land. That said, in the current crisis I view Hamas as a victim, not a culprit.”

AbuKhalil is suspicious of all religious movements, whether Islamic, Jewish or otherwise. “During the French revolution, the Jacobins wanted to erect a statue to reason in place of a statue to religion,” he said. “That's an attitude that would be useful today, especially with all the religious fervor and fanaticism we are seeing.”
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