Cease Fire, Immediately

Sunday, July 30, 2006

To Kathy Gannon and whomever else it concerns,

I just read a story, "34 Youths Among 56 Dead..." about the conflict between Israel and Lebanon by Kathy Gannon. I was saddened to see her claim that the Hazbollah guerillas instigated the fighting (with a kidnapping.) This one-sided view reduces the conflict into a 'who started it' argument - when really, the most important thing right now is to have the violence end immediately. It is as if she (you) attempt to make excuses for Israel's behavior in this matter.

Besides the fact; It can be, more rightly, argued that Israel provoked the kidnappings via the ongoing nefarious occupation of Palestine, and more so, the kidnapping of several Hamas cabinet members. Israel's occupation of Palestine is devastating for Jews everywhere, their actions are breeding a fierce sentiment of anti-semitism throughout the Middle East, and elsewhere.

The situation would be similar if the United States, disapproving of a newly elected government in Canada, took up the kidnapping of several high ranking members of Canada's new government. In retaliation, and to hold a bargaining chip, the Canadians would abduct several US citizens, soldiers or government people. Instead of bargaining for the mutual return of each nation's politicians/people in a diplomatic manner, the US would decide to open fire, and begin "degrading" the Canadians' ability to resist.

Would this be considered acceptable?

Why does the US oppose cease-fire?

American citizens are endangered by the fighting! - Does this place the Bush Administration in dereliction of duty?

Why is the US refusal to intervene against the Israeli slaughter of so many innocent Lebanese (they could be Canadians, remember) acceptable?

It is not.

- As the (vastly) more powerful entity in the conflict, it is up to Israel to take the first step in the cease-fire process.

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