"Kill 'em All: Let God Sort 'em Out[?]"

[[edit: 28 June] — So say the "Operation Support Our Troops" people. The "Kill 'em All..." slogan's origin is mysterious to me. But the OSOTers flew their "Kill 'em All..." flag with an apparent sense of pride (see below). What does this say about the United States and its military mission in Iraq (and elsewhere)?]

But first, the "good guys"...
Peace Activists Banner for Lt. Watada and Other War Resistors at I-5 exit #119, (Near the Dupont Entrance to Ft. Lewis, WA State.)

"Special Forces: Mess With the Best, Die Like the Rest"

For me, this motto does absolutely nothing to inspire pride in America. It simply does not generate any sense of patriotism for me. Killing, in my mind is wrong, whether on a battlefield, or not. Some argument can be made for killing in self-defense. Unfortunately, due to the offensive nature of the United States' military action in Iraq, this excuse is inoperable.

Hence, Lt. Watada is right to refuse service in this illegal war.

"Kill 'em All..."

This motto is used in the military to justify the killing of innocent bystanders when attempting to eliminate an opposing guerilla fighting force. The killing of innocent Iraqi's is justified [rationalized] by the fact that "insurgents" might exist amongst the general populus.

This is unacceptable to me. Not to mention the fact that from a certain perspective the insurgents can be understood to be freedom fighters i.e. a force of resistance to an occupying and imperial military, one under the control of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al.

Do the American people stand firm in opposition to the use of our national military forces for the purpose of imperial conquest?

Bush's America is not my America.

p.s. check out this web video with Ehren Watada and more information about his position here, from thenation.com

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  1. This is just awful. What in the world are they thinking? Well, they are NOT thinking. Where are the "Christians" and their commandments, especially the 5th one: Thou shall not kill?


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