Crimes Against Humanity: Guantanamo Bay

The following is a segment from an article which is posted on Harper' Falkoff is a lawyer to several Guantanamo Bay inmates. It was written by Ken Silverstein and is part of the Washington Babylon series.

Some of his clients, said Falkoff, “are beaten up and beaten down.” Falkoff met one of those he was referring to last April. “One of his eyes was swollen shut and the other was a sickening black and blue. He had contusions on his body and bumps on his head. We brought him food and he couldn't swallow it.” Falkoff said the client, whose name he asked me not to print, told him that the military had established a new rule that prohibited prisoners from crossing over a line painted down the middle of their cells when guards came to speak with them or to deliver food.

“A guard came one day with food and was speaking English to him. He doesn't speak English and without thinking crossed over the line to get the food. The next thing he knows there is an Emergency Reaction Team putting on full riot gear and chanting like a football team about to face its arch rival. He didn't even realize that he was the one they were coming for until they stopped in front of his cell. They sprayed him with pepper spray and beat the crap out of him.”

Falkoff said that during the April visit, this prisoner was considering suicide. “He was wondering—if you're not acting rationally, would God punish you for committing suicide? It was alarming because he had clearly not yet attempted to kill himself since he was worried about going to hell. And he was trying to convince himself that God wouldn't punish him if he did, because he was in exceptional circumstances.”

Here's a link to the original.

I don't know what to write really. I think that it is critically important that we know about this. We as a people in America need to know and understand what types of actions our government is taking. How can we stop our government from committing crimes against humanity?

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  1. Why didn't the guards learn to speak Arabic? Did they provide for the prisoners to learn English?


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