Bush Visit to Gandhi Memorial

Too often we get caught in talking wars - when we should be working actively to remove, (in this case through the impeachment of the Bush administration) the problem factor's foundation of power.

I think it will be beneficial to control my emotional response to provocation, and instead, dedicate that energy to concrete actions to promote change.


  1. When the emotional energy generated by any provocation is directed toward positive actions/inactions, amazing accomplishments are possible. This is a good lesson for me too. Seems this will be a good mantra for March 11 too.

  2. from Ray McGovern's letter that you sent recently:

    When my grandchildren ask, "What did you do, Grandpa, to stop the torture," I want to be able to tell them that I tried...

    This is a reminder that I need to be DOING more and TALKING less.

  3. Rob, would you do a timeline of Iraq scandals? The sluch fund, downing street memo, etc? I feel like you'd know where to start-I can't even keep the scandals straight...let me know if I can help. xo, susie


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