Sidewalk in the Rain


  1. Hello Robert,

    I noticed Thimks has been taken down, it appears Cal is taking a break from Blogging.

    Check out some of my latest. I would like to hear your thoughts.

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  2. your photos always hit the spot for me. This one is intriguing. I like the design. What is it?

  3. I don't know about the origin of the drain's design, but it located in front of the WA state history museum and the U.S. court house (they share the same building. - creepy!)

  4. the thing I like the most is the bright reflection of light in the upper right hand quadrant of the photo. the design of the drain is gorgeous, but the reflection sets it off. you take excellent photos!

  5. nice pix...I like how part of the lower right brick appears dry. Much more interesting then storm drains full of trash like over here.

  6. He's alive! Welcome back Cal.

    The day I took that picture was very stormy here. There were winds recorded in excess of 60 mph in some arears. Many trees fell. Hundreds of thousands were without electricity for some time.

    This sidewalk is right in front of the US courthouse in Tacoma WA. But the reason it appears clean is probably because of the 15 inches of rain we had in the few days prior - and due to the scouring effect of high winds.


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