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Louis Comfort Tiffany Fixture in State Capitol Building (5,000 lb)

A Budd Bay Sunset, (picture taken February 5th.)


  1. I imagine you could buy a few donuts with the sale of that thing. I wonder what you'd get for it on e-bay...

  2. We could try listing it and see what happens. I overheard a tour operator saying that a volkswagen beetle can fit inside of it. After an earthquake, which happened a few years ago, it took several hours for it to stop swinging in a pendulum like manner. It is secured to the ceiling of the dome by a chain that is very long, I'll estimate between 100 and 200 feet. It's no where near as big as the national capitol, but it's still pretty big.

    This was the last state capitol to be built that was modeled after the national capitol in the District of Columbia. It was finished in 1929.


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