US Occupation Authority Court thus far a Failure. A Farce?

From Reuters:
human rights groups have criticized the former U.S. occupation authority's decision to try Saddam and his aides in Iraq rather than in an international court. They say subsequent events have reinforced their view that sectarian and ethnic conflict make a fair trial in Baghdad hard to achieve.

Also this AP story via
Saddam Hussein's chief lawyer said yesterday that the deposed Iraqi president wants President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair tried for war crimes.

Khalil al-Dulaimi said Saddam wants to sue both leaders, along with US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, for allegedly authorizing the use of weapons such as depleted uranium artillery shells, white phosphorous, napalm and cluster bombs.

"We will sue Bush, Blair and Rumsfeld in The Hague for using such weapons of mass destruction," al-Dulaimi said in Jordan.

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