My Other Vehicle Runs on ATP ©

Here's an idea I just had for a bumper sticker. It works whether you get around on foot, or on a bicycle. But even better than sticking this on the tailgate of your petroleum fueled, combustion engine propelled vehicle; just leave the car at home.


  1. How about

    "my other car is a shoe"

  2. That'll work. I was going for the science approach. I suppose one version could run, "My Other Vehicle Runs on Adenosine Tri-Phosphate"

    I like using ATP - because it focuses on the energy aspect. Oil - not sustainable. We are burning oil way faster than it is being produced through the natural breakdown of organic matter.

    However, our own source of energy on a cellular level, is relatively sustainable, as long as there's enough bread and water to go around.

  3. Another one I've seen is "my other car runs on veggie oil". There are a bunch of people out there recycling old cooking oil from restaurants to drive modified diesel cars. The by-product is cars that have exhaust that smells like a Taco Bell...mmm...mmm good

  4. Dan and Jael's bus runs on old veggie oil from restaurants. They drove it to Costa Rica last year and haven't come back!
    Thanks for the ATP translation. Now if I can only pronounce the bigger words!

  5. i LOVE it. Would cater to a different crowd-you could see the smiles and the people who've finished any sort of science class lately. Good one, bro.


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