American Arrogance and 2,000 Soldiers Killed in Iraq War

From David Von Drehle of the Washington Post (Sunday Nov 13th, 2005 pg W12:)
Rumsfeld's own advisory think tank, the Defense Science Board, took a long look at this issue last year and concluded that the architects of the Iraq war -- led by Rumsfeld -- lacked necessary knowledge of Iraq and its people, and that they failed to factor in well-known lessons of history.

"It is clear that Americans who waged the war and who have attempted to mold the aftermath have had no clear idea of the framework that has molded the personalities and attitudes of Iraqis," the board declared in a report bearing the official seal of the Department of Defense. "It might help if Americans and their leaders were to show less arrogance and more understanding of themselves and their place in history. Perhaps more than any other people, Americans display a consistent amnesia concerning their own past, as well as the history of those around them."


  1. Happy,

    I found your link from your post on John Conyer's Blog. I agree, the neo-cons are sealing their own fate, 2006 is the beginning of the end of their reign.

    Great Einstein Quote!

    REB 84

  2. WMD or not...The experts have estimated (Village Voice 12/15/03) that Saddam Hussein killed between 300,000 and 500,000 citizens not to mention nearly 1,000,000 casualties in combat with Iran and his other neighboring countries. What I think alot of people fail to understand is that in this brave new world full of very very evil people...somebody's gotta be the man... Someone must stand up when people behave this way. Does no one remember the 1930's? Germany and Japan killed millions of Chinese, eastern Eurpoeans, Russians and Jews...Before ANYONE and I mean ANYONE opposed them. Between December 1937 and March 1938 at least 369,366 Chinese civilians and prisoners of war were slaughtered by the invading troops. An estimated 80,000 women and girls were raped; many of them were then mutilated or murdered. The world stood by and did nothing and the isolationist in the US wanted to appease these devils. For some reason we all think that war began on December 7th...makes you wonder. The era of NIMBY needs to end. Despots deplore education and business unless it directly enriches them. By removing Saddam and promoting a democratic government that supports business and education, the Mid-East will change. You are already seeing civilians of these backwards nations rising up against these oppresive governments. Yeah Bush and his team have alot of problems on thier hands...But I think if you asked the 2000...They'd take the trade to prevent another holocaust... Greater Love hath no man than he who lays down his life for his friends. Yes...That would be considered a "Culture of Life"


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