Condi Rice and Syrian Regime Change; Could Somebody Recommend a President?

October 25th, 2005

Someone should tell Condi Rice that the gig is up. With the Bush administration dissolving in illegalities committed by key officials in their attempts to protect the lies that they used to justify the US invasion of Iraq, the secretary of state is trying to ramp up war against Syria.

Grasping a UN report that uses unreliable witnesses to implicate Syria in the assassination of a former Lebanese government official, Condi Rice told the BBC on October 23 that Syria's crime cannot be "left lying on the table. This really has to be dealt with."

This is amazing for many reasons. Here is the person in charge of US diplomacy acting as if she is the secretary of war unsheathing military force. Whoever heard of an American diplomat wanting to start a war because a former Middle Eastern government official was assassinated? Read the rest here.


  1. How could CR even suggest this stuff? We do not need to have warriors in another place in the middle east.

  2. I don't know really, but it sure takes a lot of gall. I think the intent is to provide some distraction. We cannot allow the administration to normalize behaviours such as this. Condi Rice's policies and words (those of the administration generally) must be put down, and put down quickly and permanently.

    Inciting an expansion of the war, in any direction is unacceptable at this point. It is important that we recognize this and talk about it freely and openly.

    There are criminals in our white house. Is it time to hold them accountable? Is it time for them to meet Justice?


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