New Title

Any suggestions for a new title are welcome. I was thinking how I want to change the title of this site. My first inclination was to name it Express Yourself. But after putting it on, and looking at it, it doesn't work. It's too clich├ęd and tired. So, the search for a new title is on!

What do you think? Please leave suggestions on the comment form!


  1. I liked your title, Right.Left.Wrong.Right. I list the link as Roblog in my menu bar.

  2. how about "roots" or "non consumables" or "Revlot-ion" or "Re-Vol-Ution" or "Montage"...I'll keep thinking.

    Why the change?

  3. i like roblog! whitweblog?

    rightleftwrongright was too adversarial.


    Home on the Web?

  4. Thank You for the suggestions, my loyal readers!

  5. 'Relatively Bi-directional' perhaps?

  6. How about "jeff" I always liked that name. I once had a friend named jeff. He was cool.


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