Bring it On!

"Heh, Terrorists, Global Warming induced super storms, rising ocean levels, international debt collectors: Bring 'Em On! Ain't that right Dick?"


  1. Is it just me, or is the Veep taking on a decidely "Dr. Evil" appearance?

  2. Global warming will reduce storms due to the way that they are produced. Please check your facts. The "super engines" are caused by cold air and warm water...

  3. Okay. I was under the impression that global warming has increased water temperature considerably.

    You're right though. My understanding of climatology is lacking.

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. Your'e correct in the warm water department. Global warming would cause that. It also would cause warmer air...which would...reduce hurricaines. What everyone fails to look at on both sides of this debate is that climate is cyclical and changes from eon to eon. Hurricaines increased from 1970 to the present. They decreased from 1940 to 1970...nobody knows why. The harbour in Baltimore was a frozen block of ice in the winter in the 1800's in the 1700's it never was a frozen block of ice. That doesn't make sense on the GW time table. I think the answer is somewhere in between. We're only on this earth for a short time. Life is too short to be short sighted.

  5. Maybe I will be able to research this in more detail, in an academic/ scientific fashion during my program this quarter. I am enrolled in, Introduction to Environmental Studies.

    Last quarter, during my program, Astronomy and Cosmology, I focused on the phenomena of Sunspots for my research project, (10 MB PPT file linked.) One question my partner and I asked was: How do sunspots, and the sunspot cycles effect the terrestrial climate.

    We found the best science to be inconclusive on this matter. There simply hasn't been enough data over enough time to draw any substantial conclusions.

    In general however, preliminary evidence suggests that the sun plays a lesser role in terrestrial climate change, over short periods of time (like tens of thousands of years) than do terrestrial cycles (both geological and astronomical,) like the Milankovitch (combination of orbital eccentricity, obliquity and presscession of equinoxes) set of astronomical terrestrial cycles.

  6. Yeah my favorite...Astrophysics was a great class! I love the way everything is connected in the universe. Try not to believe everything they tell you though. There is just as much faith in physics as there is in your local church. Try to think outside the 9 dots (dollars). Much of current thinking is heavily influenced by huge organizations that are funded by grants. You'll find that most are slanted one way or the other on the climate deal...depending on who's paying. It is rare to find anyone who doesn't tow a party line or have an independent thought. The left wants there to be problems so they can justify thier existance and the right wants to push them under someone elses' rug. I'd personally be a libertarian if the dope smokes hadn't taken over the party...I digress...I'll get off of my soapbox now.

  7. I thought that you were just getting started when you said that you're done.

    Yeah, I was one of the skeptics in the astronomy course. They recently re-classified the andromeda galaxy - now it measures twice as large as it did previously, because they now include some hazy halo star clusters which went undetected heretofore.

  8. That just shows what we don't know. Too much cash in science to say that though. I have a friend who works at NASA and he has some stories!

    On a side note I decided to make my own blog. My wife has a blog about how silly her husband is. I'm the semi-righty that keeps posting as anony...


    Check this story out


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