The White House has so far Denied a FOIA request by Several Members of Congress...

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Please read more about this at ConyersBlog.

Here's my take (I wrote as much in a daily email update I send out to a few family members, feel free to contact me if you want to recieve the update.)
It's been a long time now that I have been saying the White House is stacked with criminals. The trend in this White House (and those preceeding this one) is toward increasingly secretive behaviors. Even every day matters are being swallowed up in the megalomania of an intense and nearly utter secrecy - And this all the while Mr. Bush preaches about the importance of transparency for successful Democracy.

Alas, the Downing Street Memo receedeth not! And what joy doest it bringeth unto the humble hearts of the seekers of justice. Perhaps one day, perhaps one day soon, we shall see revealed the true character of the White House's resident, sniveling and snarling like a dog.

Cornered like a dog the resident will be; in a junk yard of exposed lies and myths.

It makes me wonder if the sky is blue (or just whatever color is it: maybe black and white?) in Bush land. I am convinced: that on Bush's Crawford Compound, if a tree falls and no one is nearby to witness it, the damn thing just does not make a sound, in other words, it didn't happen!

What a fantastical world they play in, the most powerful (arguably - my vote's with Jesus) man in the world, with the psychology of a toddler...

All Hail the Chimperor in Chief!

Hey, what's happening here? Where am I!?

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