The Real Enemy

The real enemy to America is neo-conservativism.

Update August 31st:Link to more information about neoconservatism, neoconservatives and their agenda.

Neo-conservatives have betrayed the republican party, they have contaminated not only the republican party, but America and the world with their filthy and psychopathic imperialist aspirations.

American's will benefit from an election cycle in 2006, which focuses on drawing out and focusing on the neo-conservative agenda.

Most American's are sensible, when the truth about the neo-cons is broadcast in the broader media structure, America's dissent and derision of all that the neo-cons stand for will serve to put these malicious killers out of power and hopefully where they belong; behind the bars of a prison cell.

Update 1 PM: Click here for a perspective on how dangerous the White House is in regard to negligence in taking appropriate measures prior to the 9/11 disaster (just click on the "bird" - or click on the picture in the middle of the page before you get the bird!)

August 12th, 2005 Update: Pat Roberts, Senate Intelligence chairman quietly 'fixed' intelligence, and diverted blame from White House over Iraq

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