National ID Card by 2008?

Bruce Ramsey / Times editorial columnist
The known unknowns of a national ID card

A new federal law now orders every state to create a standard system for driver's licenses. If Washington is not ready by May 11, 2008, your license won't get you on an airline flight or perhaps (they're not sure yet) allow you to open a federally insured bank account.

National ID card? Does this count as Big Brother's next step toward fascism? Or is this a good idea, will it help prevent terrorism? John Roberts, Bush's SCOTUS nominee has long been pro-nat'l id. card.

I can think of a few problems with the institution of a nationalized identification system. One is cost. In WA state, the "regular" driver's license will remain available, but it will carry a stipulation that it's not good for id purposes - so, what good is it if it doesn't ID a driver? There are plenty of aspects to this that don't make sense.

What do you think?

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