Military Shipments at the Port of Olympia

This is part of a letter I recently wrote as personal correspondence with someone who objects to my opposition of the Military's use of the Port of Olympia to ship war supplies:

I can understand some of your concerns about opposing
the military's use of the municipal port here in
Thurston County WA.

I am still opposed to the military use though.
Firstly, the military, despite the port's desires to
do business with them, hadn't visited the port for 17
years, until last year. The fast attack nuclear
powered submarine, (city's namesake) USS Olympia's,
planned visit was stymied by a group of citizens and
the city council who objected to the potential
presence of nuclear weapons aboard the vessel.

After the sub's denial of entry, the military promptly
resumed military shipments at the port - after a,
previously mentioned, 17 year hiatus. I am forced to
assume the return to Thurston County's municipal port
was a reprisal for the submarine's stifled visit (of
which I was no part.)

The military has other options, using the port of
Tacoma (their usual destination) is mostly likely less
expensive for them. Part of the savings: they don't
have to hire a private pilot to guide the ships past
where the shipping lane ends in Tacoma.

I won't argue with you either. No point really. I
just wanted to let you know some of the reasons I
believe this.

I also believe the real enemy is president Bush and
the neo-conservatives he answers to - who have, by the
way, betrayed real republicans and true conservatives.
The are imposters, hi-jackers - a criminal mafia who
are using the gov't of the USA to commit crimes and
loot natural resources of other countries.

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