Message to Media: White House Secrecy, Deception and Dirty Dealing Go Under-Covered

If we had systems of mainstream media in this country that were truly interested in holding the government accountable, and holding gov't to the truth; then the White House couldn't possibly get away with what it is currently getting away with.

Unfortunately, those in the press corps (I am speaking of the Main-Stream Media here - both "left" and "right"), are beholden to the tyrants. Those in power want more power. Therefore, they have little to no interest in governmental accountability. If the government was accountable, the systems by which the rich become ultra-rich, the powerful become ultra-powerful wouldn't function. Government is moving and tending toward absolute fascism, which may sound alarmist. But we are on a slippery slope, and things are changing now; it can be hard to notice gradual change - but it's certainly noticeable to anyone who gives a rats ass enough to tune in.

Our government, supposedly accountable to the people, once upon a time, (at least for wealthy white male land-owners — maybe things haven't really changed) has been sold out to the highest plutocratic bidders.

However, the vision for a system in which equality amongst peoples prevails and where social responsibility and matters of health are the factors by which decisions of import are weighed is a highly valid one; perhaps never more so than now.

We all have a decision to make, but especially those who hold positions of power and influence in the upper ranks of the (nationally syndicated) media echelon.

Try to reach back into your earliest memories of when you were a young child. Grasp that sense of possibility, innocence, trust, faith... We can make a better world, a world without needless suffering, a world of beauty and joy. The decision is ours.

Addendum: Make Weblog part of the new media, and use it as an organizing tool: Use the Progressive Democrats of America's website to find your federal representative and senators contact information. Then give them call and ask to see that President Bush is held accountable, held to answer for his lies; and duly implicated, impeached and indicted. (or something along those lines!)

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