Is Bush Crazy Enough to Attack Iran?

There are reasons to think he is. Bush has made it a point to be clear about his willingness to use any option available to discourage Iran from attaining weapons grade uranium. He said the same thing about Iraq prior to the invasion of that country.

Meanwhile, Iran shows no sign of bending to Dubya's will or threats. Al Jazeera has this:
"We won't stop nuke enrichment"

Iran’s supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reiterated on Friday that his country does not intend to build nuclear weapons, but he stressed that it will continue to enrich uranium as it does not want to be dependent on others for its nuclear fuel needs.

The same cannot be said of Iraq or Hussein, who shouted to the international community the fact that his country was in compliance with UN resolutions banning the possession of WMD.

Not that Iran is claiming to possess, or even seek possession of fissionable weapons of mass destruction. No credible information has surfaced, linking Iran's interest in fissionable materials to a desire to harness them for destructive purposes or weapons.

It seems to me, that until it can be proven that Iran is attempting to build a nuclear weapon, that George Bush should keep his mouth shut. It also seems to me that N. Korea is a much more urgent situation - it is much closer to the USA and Japan geographically. Not to mention the fact that N. Korea already has all but proven it has nuclear weapons.

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