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White House Raises Bar for Termination

Originally, in 2003, White House officials stated categorically that anyone involved in the leak of Plame's identity would be fired.

I guess they didn't plan on getting caught!

Several MSM outlets have misreported on Bush's earlier statements, adding on that he has previously stated only a criminal charge will necessitate firing. In reality, only recently has Bush added the caveat that findings of illegal activity will be required for him to consider dismissal. So, if Kerry was a "flip-flopper," is Dubya a "waffler?"

Read more at Media Matters.

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  1. This story has been somewhat debunked. The presidents earlier statements varied. In some he did mention that only a finding of illegal conduct would result in what we assume would be termination. If someone in the White House was found to commit a crime, I think most Americans would hope that person's job would be terminated!

    But, certain sentences of the president's commentary could be taken to mean that if he found a leaker at all, the person would be fired.

    I guess the question is: if it were a republican congress pursuing a democrat president, might the proceedings have a different tone or appearance? How would the media portrayal of a scandal of this nature be different if it were Gore or Kerry's White House?


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