Blocking Bolton

The White House seems determined to get its man, John Bolton (who is known for his outspoken calumny and general smarminess), into the UN by any means possible. They may be willing to forego congressional approval and use the August recess to appoint him.

Fortunately, 36 senators have taken the initiative in opposition to possible White House intentions to appoint Bolton as ambassador to the UN via a back door recess appointment. Here's a NYT article describing the situation in more detail: Bolton Not Truthful, 36 Senators Charge in Opposing Appointment.

Arianna Huffington says, "bury Bolton once and for all," at HuffingtonPost.

The White House should take the cue, get a clue, and find an appropriate nominee for the position of US ambassador to the UN.

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  1. was worth a shot!

    At least we know, and the international community knows now as well; Bush plays cronyism to the tee, and he will be recognized as the tyrant and usurper that he is.


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