Beyond Rove

Roger Morris, in his article The Source Beyond Rove, presents a compelling argument regarding the outing of Valerie Plame's identity as a clandestine CIA agent, and for a White House led conspiracy to mislead congress and the American people about Saddam's WMD potential. Originally published by the Green Institute, Morris's article provides a detailed chronological analysis, which is both damning and indicting. Here's a sample:
March 7, 2003: In response to a request four months before, the State Department finally hands over to the IAEA copies of the Niger letters, which UN experts promptly dismiss as "not authentic" and "blatant forgeries." "These documents are so bad," a senior IAEA official tells the press, "that I cannot imagine that they came from a serious intelligence agency. It depresses me, given the low quality of the documents, that it was not stopped. At the level it reached, I would have expected more checking." A former high-level intelligence official tells The New Yorker, "Somebody deliberately let something false get in there. It could not have gotten into the system without the agency being involved. Therefore it was an internal intention. Someone set someone up."


July 6, 2003: Outraged by continuing references to the Nigerien uranium, Wilson breaks his anonymity with a sensational New York Times op-ed disclosing his mission to Niger sixteen months before, and the fact that he found no evidence of an Iraqi purchase of ore. "Based on my experience with the administration in the months leading up to the war," Wilson writes, "I have little choice but to conclude that some of the intelligence related to Iraq's nuclear weapons program was twisted to exaggerate the Iraqi threat." He tells "Meet the Press," "Either the administration has information that it has not shared with the public or ... they were using the selective use of facts and intelligence to bolster a decision that had already been made to go to war."
The stories surrounding the Downing Street memos and the 'outing' of Valerie (Plame) Wilson's identity are not receding. It is deeply indicative of the serious nature of these documents and events. The White House has committed enormous and egregious wrongs, will they be forced to reckon for their malicious intentions and criminal actions?


  1. You stinkin' Dummycrat's are all alike. Bush is President.

    Why do you have to always talk up such a stink about the guy just because you don't like 'im?

  2. Forget name callers. A teaspoon of honey is more attractive than a barrel of vinegar as the old proverb goes.

    Your words and thoughts are an elixir.

  3. Good Post. I found your link at the Nation which was linked by the The Left Coaster.

    I agree this thing goes beyond Rove, but it sure smells like him.


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